What is a Kotatsu Sofa?

The Kotatsu sofa was invented to use with the Kotatsu table. The ancient Japanese developed a short-legged table with a heat source placed underneath.

A futon, an old Japanese blanket type, then got put on the table to cover it entirely. As a result, the warmth from the heat source could not escape.

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This kind of table was called a Kotatsu. The Japanese could sit around and enjoy the warmth emitted by the heat source.

They could then use charcoal fire or light a lamp and place it under these tables as their heat source.

Because the Japanese love and value their culture, they still use the Kotatsu today. However, due to material availability and the influence of the outside world, there have been changes in the Kotatsu.

Electric heaters have replaced the traditional heat sources as electricity is readily available.

The benefits associated with Kotatsu have won the hearts of many people. Today, westerners have adopted the use of the Kotatsu. That’s why the designs and sizes have changed to accommodate them.

The modern spin on the Kotatsu also led to the invention of the Kotatsu sofas.

Are you wondering what they are? No need to fret; this article is for you.

When you finish reading this content, you will have insight into everything about Kotatsu sofas. You will also get a review of an example of one of the best Kotatsu sofas found on the market today.

Let’s start by defining it.

Defining a Kotatsu Sofa

What is a Kotatsu Sofa? 1

It is a modern, cozy floor sofa made to use with the Kotatsu. It comes with adjustable cushions and offers optimum comfort and warmth.

The Kotatsu sofas come in different sizes and designs to accommodate various preferences and numbers of people.

In the olden days, the Japanese spread a mat known as tatami. The rug was made with rice straws, making it very comfortable to sit on.

The material used was also great in regulating temperature and was soft on the footsole as the Japanese stepped barefoot.

The tatami was placed around the table, and people could sit on it to enjoy the warmth of the Kotatsu. The use of tatami was the origin of the Kotatsu sofa.

The Development of the Kotatsu Sofa

It all started in the olden days with tatami, as indicated above. The Japanese developed their tatami afterward using various rushes like ‘igusa’ to create them.

Unfortunately, the tatami required special care for optimal results. Designing and weaving them required a particular art that was difficult for many people.

Only particular artisans knew the art, and the new generation was not interested in learning the demanding art of weaving the tatami.

As the old artisans passed, there were no people to carry on with the tatami weaving culture. Instead, they used readily available synthetic materials to create the tatamis.

The developed mats were not that comfortable, an aspect that led to other options. That’s when people decided to use pillows or cushions for sitting around the Kotatsu. The pillows and pads were luxurious but limited in benefits.

You could not sleep on the pillow or adjust to various positions. As a result, the modern Kotatsu sofas were invented. They come with multi-purposes as explained below;

The Benefits of a Kotatsu Sofa

What is a Kotatsu Sofa? 2


Kotatsu sofas are designed to offer optimal comfort. Having this in mind while making them, the artisans ensured you could adjust the couch to whatever position you wanted. The sofas can bend sideways or go to any height you want.

Different Sizes

Kotatsu sofas come in different sizes. You can get a sofa that accommodates only you or many people. If you are buying one for your family, consider the number of people in your home. There is a Kotatsu sofa for every Kotatsu table size.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Kotatsu sofas come in sleek designs and decorations. You can find some with a single-color design, while others contain various colors to create different themes.

The variety in decorations, styles, and colors ensures everyone gets what they desire and love.

When this piece of furniture enters a room, its beauty enhances the look of that space. It also blends well with the interior décor.

Getting a Kotatsu sofa will work like magic if you want to improve or add a theme to your room.


Unlike the tatami mats used in the olden days, the Kotatsu lasts long. The manufacturers use durable materials like stainless steel and sturdy fabrics in their making.

If well maintained, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of your Kotatsu sofa for many years.

Easy to Maintain

The fabrics used in making the Kotatsu cushions are easy to clean and maintain.

Since the Kotatsu sofas are designed to be used on the floor, many manufacturers use dirt and waterproof materials in their making. Others are resistant to stains.

When buying a Kotatsu sofa, you may need to consider these qualities for easier maintenance.

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Their converting ability makes the Kotatsu sofas outstanding from other forms of floor chairs.

Did you know that you could convert a Kotatsu sofa into a bed?

Yes, you can, and it’s heavenly. When you get tired after working on your Kotatsu table, you could adjust the sofa to lay flat for you to rest.

You can also decide to take a quick nap on your Kotatsu sofa. But it’s not advisable to spend the night on it due to the heating source attached to the table.

Accidents are inevitable; you could get burnt if anything happens to the heating unit.

Brings You Closer to Family and Friends

Kotatsu sofas can accommodate many people. It depends on its size. You get to bond when seated on the Kotatsu sofa with your loved ones or friends.

You can dine, enjoy a drink, or chat with each other. Such activities bring you together, creating a bond that strengthens with time.

Communicating with the people you love helps you understand them. Doing things together, like playing games, gives insight into a person’s character and ability.

The Kotatsu sofa offers a platform for all these practices.

Keeps You Warm

Despite making you comfortable, a Kotatsu sofa will keep you warm. A Kotatsu table usually gets placed above it for warmth. The table has a warming system attached below it. The heat from the table does not escape because the covering comforter surrounds it.

Coziness and warmth are a perfect recipe for a nice sleep. You quickly fall asleep or feel drowsiness while on a Kotatsu sofa.

Lower Heating Bill

If you have a Kotatsu sofa, you are using a Kotatsu table. It translates to minimizing your power bills because the table’s heating unit uses minimal energy to produce heat for warming.

Installing a heating system in your house to keep you warm during winter will cost you a fortune.

Using a Kotatsu sofa is an excellent way to keep yourself warm during the cold weather as you save electricity. In return, you will reduce your electricity or power costs.

As illustrated above, despite keeping you warm and cozy, a Kotatsu sofa has many benefits. But the couch also comes with the following few drawbacks.

Kotatsu Sofa Drawbacks

a) Can Be Hazardous If Tampered With

A Kotatsu sofa uses a Kotatsu table to keep the area warm. When the heating unit develops a problem, it could be dangerous. Most heat sources used in Kotatsu tables are electric heaters.

When tampered with, it could short-circuit, cause shock, or burn you and the surroundings.

It is, therefore, essential to monitor and maintain your Kotatsu’s heating source at all times. If you are using a Kotatsu sofa with small kids or pets, monitor their movements and activities.

Otherwise, they may interfere with the heating system, get burnt, or cause other problems.

b) Not Ideal to Spend Long Hours Sleeping

It feels heavenly to sleep on a Kotatsu sofa. Thanks to the sofa’s luxurious nature, you can also fall asleep quickly. But the heat beneath is artificial and can make you dehydrated if used for a long time.

You can stay on your Kotatsu sofa for as long as you want while awake, as you can hydrate yourself occasionally. But how can you do so while asleep?

It’s okay to take a short nap on your Kotatsu sofa, but first, lift the heating system to keep further away from you.

Also, because the heat does not escape, you can switch off the heating unit before you sleep and utilize the warmth already preserved by the comforter over the table.

c) Expensive

Though you don’t have to break the bank to acquire a Kotatsu sofa, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy some. It depends on the style, model, size, and material used.

There could be pocket-friendly Kotatsu sofas, but what happens if the one you want has a high price tag? Some prices may deter interested users from owning one.

Though there have never been any known cases, poorly managed or unattended Kotatsu sofas can be dangerous, as explained above.

Therefore, you must take safety precautions if you own a Kotatsu sofa. Here are guidelines on how you can keep safe with your Kotatsu sofa.

Kotatsu Sofa Safety Precautions

What is a Kotatsu Sofa? 3

I. Fix Any Damage Immediately

Attend to any damage on your Kotatsu sofa as soon as you notice it. If it’s with the heating unit, don’t use it until it’s rectified.

Look for an expert to attend to it. The professional repairer will advise you if the entire unit needs replacement or just some parts.

In case of broken furniture, replace the parts or have them fixed. Otherwise, it may become unstable and topple. You or things placed on top can fall and get damaged.

You could harm yourselves or have your items damaged.

II. Monitor Pets and Small Children

Like small children, pets don’t know many things. They all may slip under the Kotatsu table while everyone else is busy or not looking and interfere with the heating unit.

The child or your furry friend could get burnt or spoil the heat source.

Also, the space under the table is small. When a pet or baby enters such an area, they may feel confused and throw a tantrum.

A lot can happen during the tantrums or confusion. They may hurt themselves or make things fall over. If near the heat source, they could interfere with it and end up getting burnt or causing a fire.

III. Frequent Maintenance

Though your Kotatsu sofa may be dirt, water, or stain-resistant, you must clean it frequently. The chances of it harboring bacteria and other germs will be minimal.

You should also conduct a checkup once in a while to ensure the Kotatsu sofa is okay. This way, you can detect a problem before it happens.

Ultimately, it will help you save the money you would have used to repair the issue. You will protect yourself, your belongings, and the room from dangers like catching fire.

IV. Always Let an Expert Handle a Problem

Most tasks concerning a Kotatsu sofa may seem easy and DIY but can be dangerous when done wrongly. If you need your sofa fixed, look for the services of a professional.

Never attempt to repair your heating unit if you’re not an expert. It could explode and harm you or bring down the entire room with fire!

V. Buy Kotatsu Sofas Made with Non-Flammable Materials

Because a Kotatsu sofa entails a heating system, it’s only wise to use non-flammable materials around the heat source. In case of an accident, the couch may not catch fire easily.

VI. Have a Fire Extinguisher

It doesn’t matter what kind of heating source you’re using. If interfered with or wrongly managed, it could cause a fire. Accidents are inevitable, and you cannot predict when one may happen.

It’s, therefore, safe to keep a fire extinguisher near, just in case.

With the above details, you are now conversant with a Kotatsu Sofa. If you feel like you need one but do no know the best one to go for, check out the following review.

A Review of the Top Kotatsu Sofa on the Market

Floor Sofa Adjustable Lazy Bed

Pros & Cons of Floor Sofa Adjustable Lazy Bed

  • Very warm and cozy
  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Occupies a small space
  • It comes in various colors
  • Can adjust to five different positions
  • It can get used in multiple places
  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy to maintain
  • It comes with two pillows for support
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Free lifetime maintenance
  • It cannot accommodate many people

While seated down, you may want to adjust to various positions for comfort. Also, certain tasks require specific positions. The maker of this Kotatsu sofa had these aspects in mind.

You can change into five different positions with this sofa. If you want to sleep, you only need to lay it flat. It consists of a comfortable folding mattress.

Thanks to the luxurious feel of the mattress is attributed to the sturdy polyester material used in its making. It is cozy to sleep or sit on.

Also, the mattresses’ user experience is on another level due to the superior sponges stuffed inside.

If you require the seating position, use the available adjustable lever to raise the sofa to the position you require. It can also go sideways to accommodate the side positioning.

If your worry about owning a Kotatsu sofa is space, you need not think about it with this sofa. It comes designed to fit a small space. You can also use it without fear of damage, as it can accommodate up to 176 lbs.

With its robust steel framework and quality materials, you will enjoy the services of this sofa for many years. You only need to maintain it, and it’s bliss. It’s easy and fast to clean the sofa’s outer material.

What’s exciting about this sofa is its versatility. You can use it anywhere, making it ideal for college dorms, apartment dwellers, and family dens.

If you are traveling and require something to sit on at your resting location, you may need to carry this sofa. It will offer the best seating experience.

The two pillows that accompany this sofa offer optimum waist and back support. You can use the couch to do various things. For example, eating, drinking, chatting with family or friends, relaxing while watching TV, or sleeping.

If you want to improve your room’s seating experience and look simultaneously, this sofa can make a great choice.

You can find it in different colors. Choose the color you love. Its sleek design is also pleasing to the eyes. Despite enhancing your space’s appearance, it acts as an excellent addition to your room’s theme.

Despite this sofa’s remarkable features, it comes with a friendly price. The manufacturer also offers free maintenance services forever! It is a real value for your money.


  • A dimension of 43 –inches in length, 25 – inches in width, and 23 – inches in height
  • Come in different colors.
  • Steel made frame
  • Polyester made mattress
  • Stuffed with superior sponges
  • Adjustable
  • Two pillows of size 18.5 –inches in length, 7 – inches in width, and 5.5 – inches in height


A Kotatsu sofa is essential in any home. It keeps people warm and cozy during the season.

Because of their sleek designs and variation in color and decorations, Kotatsu sofas improve a space’s look. It is an excellent addition if you want to change the theme of your room.

However, kotatsu sofas can be dangerous if not properly managed. To avoid such, practice the safety precautions discussed above.

It would help if you kept them clean with frequent checkups for longevity and optimal user experience.

The market is flooded with many Kotatsu sofas. You only need to choose the one you like. Before buying, consider the features of a Kotatsu as described above.

Whatever you settle on, ensure it meets your needs and budget. If you are still confused about what sofa to buy, use the above review of the top Kotatsu sofa as your starting point.