Best Kotatsu Heater and Alternatives in 2024

The harsh winter weather takes a toll on everyone. As a result, every culture has invented a way of dealing with it. The Japanese use a table type known as Kotatsu as a way of coping with the cold season.

A Kotatsu is an ancient Japanese table that was attached to a heat source on its underneath. They were then covered with a blanket to prevent the heat from escaping.

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The Japanese used the trapped heat to keep themselves and the surrounding area warm when it was cold.

People could sit around a Kotatsu for hours without freezing. They could chat, eat, study, play, or do some activities together during that time. It is the reason Kotatsu is famous for bonding families.

The Japanese still use Kotatsu today because of their love for their culture.

The Kotatsu also comes with many advantages, which has led Westerners to adopt using it. In the olden days, the Japanese used an open fire known as the irori as the heating source for the Kotatsu.

But due to the outside world’s influence, the heating sources have been replaced by other safer and readily available heating systems.

In this article, you shall learn everything you need to know about Kotatsu heaters. You will be able to understand their importance, and if they work efficiently.

Currently, there are heaters explicitly made for the Kotatsu. But if you can’t access one or meet the budget to acquire one, you can go for the alternatives which work equally well and are cheaper.

You will also get informed of the top Kotatsu heaters and alternatives the market has today. If you are new to Kotatsu’s heating system, let’s start by enlightening you about it.

Our Review of Top Kotatsu Heaters on the Market

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Reviews of Best Kotatsu Heaters on the Market Today

Metro Replacement Heater for Japanese Kotatsu 600w

Pros & Cons of Metro Replacement Heater for Japanese Kotatsu

  • You can control the temperature to your preference
  • It can be operated either manually or automatically
  • It comes in a size ideal for typical Kotatsu tables
  • Consumes less power
  • It has a long cord
  • Contain fuses that prevent overheating
  • Easy to operate
  • It makes you warm immediately
  • Not all users can afford it

Before buying, one of your top considerations should be the safety and precautionary measures when using kotatsu to avoid accidents.

If you are looking for a safe heater to replace your old one, you may need to consider this Kotatsu heater. It comes designed for optimal satisfaction. You can regulate the heat to your preference.

What’s fantastic about this heater is that you control it manually or automatically. This upgrades the level of convenience of this device.

By setting the temperature anywhere from 1 – 2, you prevent it from getting very hot. The safety features of this heater are on another level. It comes with thermal and current fuses to prevent it from overheating.

If your power outlet is a bit far, you need not worry when using this heater. Thanks to its long cord that can extend a long distance.

It comes with a size compatible with any standard Kotatsu table. You also save on your electricity bill because the heater consumes only 600W of power. Installing it is easy, and it will keep you warm for many hours.

Japanese Kotatsu Heater Fan Unit Low Style Foot Warmer Set 500

Pros & Cons of Japanese Kotatsu Heater Fan

  • Can control temperature
  • Serves a large table
  • Lasts long
  • Warms up instantly
  • Circulates warm air quickly with the help of its fan
  • Uses little energy
  • Cannot burn you
  • It keeps you warm for long
  • Not all users can afford it

Are you looking for an electric heater for your Kotatsu to make you warm and cozy? This heater warms up fast and can be used on large tables. If you have a family, it will serve your family table optimally.

Sometimes it gets too cold that you get forced to back up your leg by wearing socks, but not when using this Japanese heater.

You can regulate the temperature depending on the current weather. If too cold, you get to increase the temperature as you want.

When the chilliness goes down, you can decrease the temperature to a comfortable level. The heater comes protected to prevent burning you or anything kept near.

The fan installed helps in circulating the warm air within a space. The heater ensures that the entire space is full of warm air within a short time.

It is lenient on your electricity bill because it consumes only 500W of power. When well taken care of, it will serve you for many years. Though its price is on the higher side, it is worth buying.

MHU-601E(K) Metro Replacement Heater Kotatsu U-Shaped Halogen Heater

Pros & Cons of MHU-601E(K) Metro Replacement Heater Kotatsu

  • You can control the warmth you require
  • It does not overheat due to the current and thermal fuses
  • It warms the area almost immediately
  • Uses the fan to circulate the warm air quickly
  • Consumes less power
  • Portable
  • Ideal to use on other short tables
  • Expensive

It is among the best replacement Kotatsu heaters on the market today. It comes with a fan to help spread the warm air under the table within no time.

The heater also warms up almost immediately. You can control the amount of warmth you require by increasing or decreasing the heat emitted using a hand control.

It is a heater even an elder or young person can operate. Using it is easy, and the heater comes with various safety features.

The u-shaped heating is well protected to avoid burning anyone or anything. It also comes with current and thermal fuses to prevent the heater from overheating.

The warmth gets distributed evenly to all the people around the table, thanks to its fan’s excellent work. The place also remains warm for a long time.

You can also install it on other short tables like desks and coffee tables in the absence of a Kotatsu.

Due to its low weight, you can move it with ease. The power consumption is 600W, making you save on your energy. Though you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to have one, it is a real deal for your money!

As discussed earlier, if you can’t get a heater made specifically for the Kotatsu tables, you can use an alternative. Below is a review of alternative Kotatsu heaters found on the market today.

Best Kotatsu Heater Alternatives

Cozy Products CL Cozy Legs Flat Panel Desk Heater

Pros & Cons of Cozy Products CL Cozy Legs Flat Panel Desk Heater

  • It consumes very little power
  • You can regulate the warmth you require
  • It comes in a sleek design
  • You can use it on other surfaces
  • Safe to use as it consists of no exposed heating panels or coils
  • It keeps you warm effectively
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to operate
  • The finish looks substandard
  • It does not come with a mounting stand. You will need to buy one separately

It is the best overall alternative Kotatsu heater currently on the market. The heater contains no exposed heating coils, making it safer than other space heaters.

With all the warmth and coziness it offers, the heater consumes only 150W of power!

You may think its low power consumption may tamper with the amount of heat it emits but are wrong. The heat produced is more than enough to keep you warm for an extended time.

No wonder this heater has so many positive reviews from its users on Amazon.

Because of its thin nature, it is suitable to use even for the best Kotatsu tables. Its stylish and sleek design will complement your designer table. What’s exciting about this heater is that you can mount it on other places like walls or desks.

With its built-in thermostat, you can control the temperature for optimal user experience. Despite its many great features, this heater’s price is lower than most Kotatsu heaters.

Sengoku 150W Under Desk Mini Panel Electric Space Heater, SP-160

Pros & Cons of Sengoku 150W Under Desk Mini Panel Electric Space

  • Safe to touch and use since its surface doesn’t get hot
  • Ideal to use under the table and desk
  • Warms legs efficiently
  • Heats quickly
  • It comes with a thermostat to regulate temperature
  • It has a long cord to reach the power source easily
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Not ideal to use by many people at once

Do you have small kids and pets in your house and are searching for an ideal alternative Kotatsu heater to use?

Your search could end here.

The Sengoku 150W Under Desk Heater may be what you’ve been looking for. It comes designed so that its surface cannot get hot while in use. It is, therefore, ideal to use with kids and pets because it cannot burn them.

With only 150W power consumption, this heater will keep your legs warm for a long period while under the table.

Despite its low power consumption, the Sengoku 150W Under Desk Heater offers gentle and sufficient heat. You can place it under your desk or table to keep your feet warm.

It comes with a built-in thermostat to help you regulate the heat you need for optimal comfort.

Because of its small size, it cannot serve many people at once. Its long cord makes it easy to plug it into a power source located far. You can get it if you want as its price tag is one of the lowest of all Kotatsu heaters.

What Is a Kotatsu Heater?

So, what is a kotatsu, and why use a heater?

Kotatsu is a traditional, short-legged Japanese table. In the olden days, the Japanese used lamps or charcoal fires as the tables’ heat source.

Today, the heating systems of Kotatsu have changed. The most commonly used heating units are electric. It is because electricity is readily available and safer to use.

You may ask, do I need a Kotatsu heater? Why not install a heating system in my home? The answer is yes; you need one if you have a short table.

A heating system put in your entire house will rip off your bank account with huge power bills. Kotatsu heaters come with a bunch of benefits compared to installing a heating system in your home.

Here are the advantages of using a Kotatsu Heater.

Why You Need To Use a Kotatsu Heater

i. Warms and Makes You Cozy

That heater produces heat that gets trapped by the comforter covering the table. During low temperatures, the heat keeps you cozy and warm.

You can go on with your work around the Kotatsu table in this relaxed state despite the lousy weather outside.

Kotatsu heaters enable you to be productive. Nothing feels heavenly while relaxing under a Kotatsu during chilly weather. You can quickly doze off!

ii. Safety Measures

Most Kotatsu heaters come with measures in place to prevent accidents. An overheating heater can be dangerous. Currently, manufacturers install detectors for such risks.

The devices are also automatic. If they detect danger like overheating or tampering with the heating system, they switch themselves off.

iii. Easy to Carry Around

Like the Kotatsu tables, the Kotatsu heaters come light in weight. You carry them with ease from one place to another. The accessories used with them also are combat and portable.

iv. Efficient

The Kotatsu heaters are up to their tasks. It would be best if you didn’t underestimate it because of its small size. Some electric Kotatsu heaters are tiny but known to warm a large area. It’s about the quality and not size.

You, therefore, shouldn’t get worried whether your Kotatsu heater will perform to the expectations.

v. Versatile

Kotatsu heaters get designed to suit various Kotatsu tables and people’s preferences. You will find them in different sizes and designs. They also come with multiple technologies for operating them.

If you are looking for a Kotatsu heater for your Kotatsu table, consider your table’s style and compatibility.

vi. Saves Energy

You cannot compare the power used by a heating system installed in a whole house to a Kotatsu heater. If you are looking to save on your power bills, using a Kotatsu heater is the way to go.

Though a Kotatsu heater comes with the above benefits, it could pose a risk if poorly used, not well maintained, or left unattended. You should practice some safety measures to avoid accidents and damage.

The following is an insight into how you should behave with your Kotatsu heater;

Kotatsu Heater Safety Precautions

Best Kotatsu Heater and Alternatives in [year] 1

I. Switch it Off When Not in Use or Around

Though a Kotatsu heater will not use much of your power, switch it off when not in use. Why waste that little power? It will increase your power bill. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and a Kotatsu heater may become faulty.

If you are not around and your heater malfunctions, it could be dangerous. Some may cause a fire, which can burn the entire building in your absence. Never leave the heater on alone.

II. Opt for the Smart Kotatsu Heaters

Thanks to the advent of technology, Kotatsu heaters can now detect when temperature levels have gone beyond or developed a problem.

As a result, they disconnect or switch themselves off, preventing risks.

When buying a heater for your Kotatsu table, consider the device’s inbuilt safety features.

III. Monitor Your Kids and Pets

Though most heaters come designed not to cause any burns, a child’s skin is tender and can easily get burnt by a Kotatsu heater. You can also get bruised by the hot heater.

Always supervise your pets and children when your Kotatsu heater is on. Otherwise, they could tamper with it and get burned, damage the heater, or cause a fire.

IV. Always Use a Reliable Moisturizer on Your Skin

Electric Kotatsu heaters emit dry air that causes moisture on your feet to evaporate. As a result, your feet can get dehydrated.

So that your feet can stay healthy and moisturized while you use a Kotatsu heater, apply a quality moisturizer on them regularly.

V. Never Sleep Under a Kotatsu Heater

It is normal to feel sleepy or drowsy when using a Kotatsu. If you decide to take a nap, remember to switch the heater off.

Otherwise, you can roll over or move your limbs, which can tamper with the heating system. You could get burnt in the process.

As illustrated above, Kotatsu heaters are essential during the cold winter. But what happens if you can’t get a Kotatsu heater to install on your Kotatsu table?

Use an alternative. Besides being inaccessible, there are other reasons you may opt for an alternative Kotatsu heater. They include the following;

Why use a Kotatsu Heater Alternative

a) Lack of Enough Budget

You could access a Kotatsu heater but don’t have enough money to buy one. Kotatsu heaters range in price due to various reasons.

For example, the design, size, material, and technology used in their making. If you cannot afford a Kotatsu heater, consider going for an alternative.

b) Don’t Know Where to Get One

You could have enough money but don’t know where to buy one. Nowadays, multiple stores sell Kotatsu heaters. You can also order online.

But if you don’t want to go through the buying hustle, you can opt for an alternative heater.

c) Inaccessible

Sometimes a Kotatsu heater can malfunction while in a location you can’t access. You could be far from the stores, or it could be late at night.

What can you do, when the cold weather is giving you chills? The only way out is to use an alternative.

Whatever the reason that may prompt you to go for an alternative, ensure you pick the best quality for your table.

The following reviews will help you choose a Kotatsu heater or an alternative that suits your table and needs.


Kotatsu heaters are essential to use during the cold seasons. If you are using Japanese or any other short-legged tables, you may need a Kotatsu heater to keep you warm.

As illustrated above, you may not get access to a Kotatsu heater. In such a case, you can use an alternative Kotatsu heater as indicated above.

It doesn’t matter whether you fall for the Kotatsu heater or its alternative, ensure what you choose keeps you warm and cozy as it saves on your power bills.

If you require the available top Kotatsu heater or its alternative on the market today, check out the above reviews. They will help you make the right decision.

Meanwhile, if you wish to find the perfect pair for your Kotatsu table heater, here’s where to buy Kotatsu sofas.