Kotatsu Floor Chairs – Complete Guide

A Kotatsu is a Japanese table used for keeping warm.

It entails a heating system placed at the table underneath, at the center. Then a blanket named a futon gets placed over the table to cover it entirely. On the futon, a heavy tabletop gets placed on top to keep the futon in place.

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Users place their things or work on the tabletop.

The Kotatsu is a product of ancient Japan. The country is usually cold sometimes, leading to the innovation of Kotatsu. In the olden times, the Japanese used to create short-legged wooden tables. They would then dig pit holes and make a fire.

After using the fire, they would place the table over the fire pit. The fireplace could accommodate their legs.

On setting the table, they would cover it with a warm blanket and sit around it. The heat from the fire would keep them warm as they chatted, ate, or did other things around the table.

As time went on, the pit fires got replaced by wide containers containing burning charcoal or wood.

They would place the burning pot underneath the table and then cover it with a futon. Later on, kerosene lamps also replaced pit fires. The Japanese kept the lamp below the covered table.

The futon ensured no heat escaped from the heating system underneath the table. Due to civilization and modernization, the heating system of Kotatsu changed.

The Japanese started using the most reliable and accessible form of power to make Kotatsu’s heating system and its alternatives.

The use of electricity has taken over as the primary power source of the tables’ heating system. The table designs and materials used in their making have also changed.

But one thing is still intact – the small size. The Kotatsu get designed short. It means that the chairs used with these tables are also short.

Chairs made for the Kotatsu are known as Kotatsu floor chairs. In this article, you shall learn everything you need to know about these floor chairs.

You will also have a glimpse of the best ones on the market today. But before then, let us define a Kotatsu floor chair for a better understanding.

Comparison Table

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Our List of the Top Kotatsu Floor Chairs on the Market Today

The makers of Kotatsu floor chairs are many. As a result, you will find millions of different designs, sizes, and colors of these chairs.

When you become spoilt with options to choose from, the likelihood of getting confused is high.

It is the reason we took it upon ourselves to research the best Kotatsu floor chairs you can find today.

Luckily, through our dedication, hard work, and expertise, we came up with the following floor chairs at the top of the market.

1. Game Chairs, Living Room Chair Japanese Legless Chair – The Best Japanese Legless Chair for Game and Living Room

Pros & Cons of Game Chairs, Living Room Chair Japanese Legless Chair

  • Cozy and luxurious
  • Ideal for all types of spaces
  • Suitable to use by anyone
  • It has many uses
  • No assembly needed
  • Top-notch quality
  • Looks attractive
  • Eco-friendly
  • Serves for many years
  • Affordable
  • Some users may not like the chair’s poorly polished surface

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture with comfort, sleek design, and multi-purpose as one package?

This Japanese game and living room chair are more than that. On setting your eyes on it, you are likely to fall in love with its luxurious nature.

Even without having to sit on it, you can tell it offers optimal comfort. Thanks to the soft plush fabric and memory foam used in its making. The foam also comes chopped and of top-notch quality, making the chair ideal to use on any floor.

The size accommodates bodies of various sizes. A child, an adult, or an elderly can use this chair. It doesn’t matter whether you are thin or fat, old or young; this chair is for all.

No wonder you can use it anywhere. Whether it’s at home, office, or restaurant, this chair fits well.

Some Japanese floor chairs get designed for a specific purpose only.

For example, a floor chair can get created to use in the office, restaurant, or at home only. But not with this chair; it’s made of a universal chair. You can use it anywhere.

If you have a tatami, you can use it with this chair. It is also ideal to use in your gaming room. You will enjoy maximum comfort while you play your favorite game with a friend or loved one.

It is also suitable to utilize while meditating, thanks to the chair’s comfortable posture while seated on it.

Its design allows nursing mothers to sit comfortably and breastfeed their babies. You can also opt to read or work on your bed sitting on it. The ability of this chair to fit many uses makes it popular with most Kotatsu floor chair users.

Do you like buying ready-to-use things?

Then you will love this chair. You don’t have to assemble it first. When the chair arrives, you unpack and use it. It is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture that will enhance the look of your room.

The world today is over-polluted, and activists are campaigning hard to control and reverse the situation.

One significant promoted way of avoiding pollution is by the use of environmentally friendly materials in making things. Thanks to the natural materials used in making this chair, it is eco-friendly.

Also, the user will not have to worry about the chair rusting. Because of its natural wood color, the chair looks stunning and brings in a sense of nature.

2. AntiGnor (2pcs/Lot) Japanese Chair Design Home Living Room Furniture Kotatsu Table Chair – The Best Legless Floor Chair for the Living Room

Pros & Cons of AntiGnor (2pcs/Lot) Japanese Chair Design

  • Very attractive
  • Top-notch quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Connects people
  • Ideal to use in any room
  • Enhances the appearance of a room
  • Saves space
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Due to high demand, it may be out of stock when you need it.

If you are looking for comfort and class in a legless chair, this AntiGnor floor chair will excite you. Its back support comes curved for optimal comfort. 

You can also carry out various duties while on this chair, thanks to its coziness.

As a student, this chair will offer the best reading and writing posture.

People having a drink or something to eat enjoy so much while sitting on this chair. The comfort is of the next level—no straining while working or doing anything else on this chair.

Every Kotatsu floor user looks for the durability feature when buying one and this AntiGnor floor chair offers more than that.

The plywood used in its making attributes to the chair’s long life. Thanks to the black finish applied to the plywood, the chair looks fantastic and enhances its service for many years.

Have you ever sat on a Kotatsu floor chair and wondered if you have seated on a stone? Some come with a hard surface to sit on. But the case is different with the AntiGnor floor chair. It comes with a soft pad for you to sit or relax on.

The pad comes stuffed with soft foam and a robust soft fabric as its cover. The combination is nothing less than optimal comfort. Because the chair comes with no legs, you sit next to the floor.

As a result, sitting around and reaching out to your Kotatsu table becomes easy.

With this chair, connecting with your family, colleagues, or people you love becomes easy as it makes you stay close to each other around the Kotatsu table. Bonding becomes easy and fast.

Have you ever ended up spending the entire day cleaning your Kotatsu floor chair? Then you must be looking for an easy-to-clean and maintain legless chair.

You won’t go wrong in picking the AntiGnor floor chair. Thanks to its plywood finish and the materials used in making the chair’s pad.

You only need to wipe off dust and other dirt using a clean damp cloth to clean it. The material used in covering the pad is water, dust, and stain-resistant. 

The chair hardly becomes dirty. Its black finish helps in hiding any dirt, making the chair look presentable at all times.

When kept in any room, it blends well with the interior décor and colors. Its beautiful look improves the look of any space.

You may wonder whether you can afford such an awesome floor chair with many great features.

The answer is yes. The price is manageable even for those on a budget!

3. AntiGnor (4pcs/lot) Kotatsu Zaisu Chair Mahogany Finish – The Best Mahogany Finish Floor Chair

Pros & Cons of AntiGnor (4pcs/lot) Kotatsu Zaisu Chair Mahogany Finish

  • Top-notch quality
  • Ideal to use in various places
  • Suitable to use for multiple purposes
  • Classy and elegant
  • Resist dirt, stains, and humidity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Improves the look of a space
  • Top-notch quality
  • Offers services for many years
  • Blends with the interior décor and colors
  • Offers optimal comfort
  • You may not find it in stock when buying one due to the high demand

Do you love nature? This floor chair comes with a wooden structure finished with pure Mahogany!

The sight is freshening and beautiful. The rich brown color of Mahogany lightens the space and makes the entire room appealing. It blends well with any item inside the room. The brown color complements most colors found in your room.

Despite blending well with your interior and other colors, the chair’s design is sleek and beautiful. You would spend a few minutes of your precious time staring at its beauty.

With its curved structure, the user enjoys optimal comfort. Thanks to the sturdy and soft plywood used in its crafting.

The chair’s pad also attributes to its comfort. The cover comes well-tailored using a linen-cotton fabric that is soft and resistant to dirt and humidity. The material is also easy to clean.

The foam stuffed inside the pad is soft and of high quality.

When you want to use this legless chair, you only need to adjust the pad to its position. Because of its easy-to-use, maintenance, and comfort features, you can use this chair in various rooms.

It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry it around anywhere in your room and office.

If you want to read, eat, catch up with friends or family members, get entertained, or do some work around your Kotatsu, this chair will sort you out.

The chair helps bring people together, making it suitable to use in the living room.

You may think that it becomes soiled faster because it’s next to the ground due to a lack of legs.

That may be true, but you need not worry—the materials used in making this chair resist most stains, dirt, and liquid. Also, cleaning it is easy. You only need to wipe it using a damp piece of cloth or towel dipped in a suitable cleaning solution.

Despite all its unique features, this chair is pocket-friendly! It is an excellent deal for your money.

What is a Kotatsu Floor Chair?

japanese short legged table

It is a chair designed to use with the Kotatsu.

Typical tables are usually high in height compared with the Kotatsu. You, therefore, cannot use a standard chair with a Kotatsu. As a result, unique chairs to use with the Kotatsu tables got developed.

The Kotatsu floor chairs come in different designs and sizes to suit the preferences of various people.

Also, the materials used in their making vary. In the olden days, the Japanese used a mat called tatami to sit around the Kotatsu.

Because of the rice straws used in their making, the rugs were cozy to sit on. The Japanese enjoyed stepping on those rugs barefoot because of their soft texture. The mats also regulated temperature excellently.

Though the mats got replaced by floor chairs, you will find some in some Japanese households today. It is a strong indication of how the Japanese love their culture.

This pride the Japanese have in their culture has enabled them to pass it on to other world cultures.

Today, the Kotatsu tables and floor chairs are famous among Westerners. Though the shift from using the mats to the floor chairs around the Kotatsu was an aspect of evolution, other reasons contributed to the change.

Why the Shift to Kotatsu Floor Chairs From the Tatami?

japanese tatami

If the mats were soft, regulated temperature, and looked gorgeous, as explained above, you may wonder why the Japanese abandoned them for the floor chairs around their Kotatsu.

The tatami may have pleased the eyes, but it entailed a lot to create one.

A particular art got used in their weaving and designing, meaning only the pros could handle them.

Unfortunately, not many people could catch up with the skills of making a tatami. It was a challenging art to learn for the majority.

As a result, the old artisans who passed on were more than those left with mat-making skills.

The new generation did not want to learn the art, worsening the matter. They got more interested in the knowledge from the Western world than in their home country.

Another aspect that led the Japanese to stop using the tatami to sit around the Kotatsu is the lack of raw materials. 

The rushes, also known as the igusa, and the rice straw used in making the mats had started becoming scarce.

As a result, the artisans turned to the available resources to make the mats. Most of the materials used made very uncomfortable tatami.

Generally, taking care of the tatami was a bit tricky due to the natural materials used in creating them.

This aspect is attributed to the Japanese giving up on using the tatami. Dirt stuck on the spaces between the mats, making it hard to remove them. In case the tatami got wet, they needed to dry it immediately.

Otherwise, the dampness would lead to molds and mildew, causing various health problems.

The Japanese had to remove their shoes to step on the tatami for easier maintenance. With a lack of proper care, the tatami spoilt fast.

The need for an easy-to-clean and durable alternative led to the development of Kotatsu floor chairs.

The cushions, pads, and pillows came after the tatami but with limited use. You could only use them to sit around the Kotatsu.

The Japanese love stuff with value. A thing that serves various purposes is appreciated and utilized more than that with only one use.

Unlike the cushions, the floor chairs came with features that enabled them to transform from one use to another.

You can flatten a floor chair to use it as a mattress, thanks to its folding ability. Other benefits associated with the Kotatsu floor chairs include the following;

Advantages of Kotatsu Floor Chairs

I. Flexible

Kotatsu floor chairs come in the seating position, but it does not mean that you can’t adjust them to any position. The chairs come installed with levers at the sides to enable you to change their current position. You can adjust them to tilt on any side, enhancing your comfort.

II. Multi-Purpose

If you are a busy person, a Kotatsu floor chair will be convenient for you. After you’re through with what you were doing around your Kotatsu, you don’t have to wake up and go to bed.

The Kotatsu floor chair comes with a folding feature that allows you to fold and flatten it with ease.

You can therefore use a Kotatsu floor chair as a mattress for resting or taking a quick sleep.

The materials used in making them are attributed to the chairs’ luxurious and comfortable nature. Nothing feels better after a long day than resting on a soft and warm surface.

As you rest or sleep on your floor chair around the Kotatsu, you need to be cautious of the table’s heating system.

The futon may catch fire after interfering with the heating system while asleep. You wouldn’t want such a thing to happen. You can get severely burnt, or your place catches fire!

III. Helps People and Families Bond

If you own Kotatsu floor chairs, it means that you can sit around your Kotatsu with your family, friends, and workmates.

As a result, you get able to do a lot together.

You can catch up with your loved ones, comrades, and staff. In the process, you get to bond with one another.

It is on the Kotatsu that you can communicate with other people and learn about someone. Doing things together around the table while seated on the Kotatsu floor chairs creates a strong connection between the people involved.

Such activities include chatting, eating, studying, working, or entertainment through watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and other stuff.

IV. Keeps You and the Room Warm

Through a Kotatsu floor chair, you can enjoy the warmth of your Kotatsu. You only need to place it around the table and cover your body with Kotatsu’s futon.

The table’s blanket ensures no heat escapes. That is why it covers the entire Kotatsu.

The warmth from the table and the comfort of the chair may make you fall into a quick sleep. The coziness is on another level.

It would be best if you were careful while warming yourself using a Kotatsu and working. The comfort may make you drowsy, affecting your concentration on your work.

How would you keep warm if you have a Kotatsu but don’t have a chair to sit around it? That’s why a Kotatsu floor is handy.

V. Durable

As explained above, one primary reason why the Japanese reduced the use of the tatami was their short life. The mats could wear out quickly. But the case is different with the Kotatsu floor chairs.

The craftsmen use robust materials to make them. Excellent examples are strong synthetic fibers and stainless steel.

With such materials, the chairs are comfortable, and warm and offer services for many years.

VI. Easy Maintenance

The natural rush used in making the tatami could quickly get molds and was hard to clean. But thanks to the manufacturers of the Kotatsu floor chairs, they add maintenance features to the chairs.

Some come with water and stain-proof materials to protect them from absorbing water and dirt.

The materials used in their making are also easy to clean. Choosing a Kotatsu floor chair that’s easy to maintain is very crucial.

Otherwise, you may not like the work involved in keeping it clean. Remember, a floor chair is prone to dirt as it gets used for various purposes and is close to the floor.

VII. Improves the Appearance of a Place

The market has gotten flooded with thousands of pleasing designs and decorations. Every user’s taste has gotten taken care of.

Some floor chairs come with colors that mix and blend perfectly with each other. Others contain only one color.

Whether you prefer the trending and current designs or those ancient types, the market has them.

Others are so unique and sleek, showcasing the imaginations, talents, and skills of some artisans. Whatever floor chair you choose, it looks attractive to the eyes.

As a result, when placed in a particular space, such a piece of furniture improves that room’s look. The materials used in the chairs’ making and their color blends well with the décor inside the room.

If you have a Kotatsu in your home and want to improve the theme of your room, getting a Kotatsu floor chair would be an excellent idea.

VIII. Reduces Your Power Bill

Buying floor chairs and other Japanese furniture in the US during the cold season is the best thing to do. First, you will utilize Kotatsu to keep you warm.

The table consists of a heating system that uses minimal power. When you use the floor chair to keep yourself comfortable and warm around the table, you will consume very little power.

What if you install a heating system in your room or the entire house? How much energy will the system use?

You may end up digging much deeper into your pockets to clear the bill.

If you are looking for a cheap way to keep yourself warm during the cold season, consider buying a Kotatsu and its floor chairs.

IX. Vary In Size

It doesn’t matter the size of your Kotatsu; you will find floor chairs to suit it. Some Kotatsu comes designed to accommodate many people. Others accommodate one or two people. The market has floor chairs for every Kotatsu.

Before buying floor chairs for your Kotatsu, you need to consider the number of people to sit around the table.

Of what use will inadequate or excess Kotatsu floor chairs be? Fewer chairs mean some people will have nowhere to stay. Extra chairs will occupy space that you could have used for other things.

Having grasped the above knowledge concerning the Kotatsu floor chairs, how they evolved, and their benefits, you may want to know the best ones available today.

It gets expected, so don’t worry.

Instead, continue reading. The following is a review of some of the top Kotatsu floor chairs found on the market today.

With the above information, you understand why people love Kotatsu floor chairs. You are also aware of how they came about.

But this doesn’t mean these incredible pieces of furniture don’t have a negative side. The inhibit some drawbacks as explained herein below;

Disadvantages of Kotatsu Floor Chairs

i. Can Cause Serious Accidents

A Kotatsu floor chair should stay in its designed place. Arranging the chairs around the Kotatsu is the best way of placing them.

If you leave them loitering anywhere, the chair may stumble on you or any other person. As a result, you can fall and hurt yourself badly.

You could also knock the chair, and it will hurt you. Remember, the materials used are robust. Because it contains no legs, you may not spot it on time, especially if you are tall. It is small and next to the floor.

You also need to be careful of the kind of Kotatsu floor chairs you use. Some may come with a structure that extends to the heating system located beneath the Kotatsu. It is dangerous to disturb the heating unit as it can cause a fire.

What happens when a fire starts and you are asleep on your floor chair?

The whole place could catch firedestroying property worth millions of dollars. You and any other person in the room could suffer severe burns. The same case applies to your furry friends.

ii. Special Attention If Kids and Pets are In the Room

Owning Kotatsu floor chairs is not like having ordinary chairs. You may not need to be extra keen when your children and pets are on the typical chairs.

The case is different from the floor chairs because you use them with a table containing a heating system.

Naturally, kids and pets are playful and very curious. While seated on the floor chair, they may need to investigate beneath the table and end up tampering with the heating system. The results may be hazardous.

The heating system could malfunction or start a fire. It is therefore imperative to monitor your children and fur friends while on a floor chair. This kind of attention may be strenuous to a busy person.

iii. Unsuitable for a Deep and Long Nap

How many times do you enter your home from a busy and tiring day and jump on your cozy sofa and drift off into deep and sweet sleep?

Sometimes you end up spending the night there. It is not the same case with a Kotatsu floor chair.

Yes, it is cozy and comfortable, which easily lures someone to sleep or become dizzy.

What happens when you fall asleep and you mistakenly interfere with Kotatsu’s heating system?

Your hand, leg, or any other body part could hit the unit without your knowledge. You could also roll over and come near or into contact with the heating system.

You could end up dehydrated because of the excess heat.

The result would be damaging the system or having it start a fire. You and the things around could burn.

According to recommendations, rest only on a floor chair and not fall deep asleep. While on the chair, ensure you are conscious of what’s happening around you.

iv. Costly

Most Kotatsu floor chairs come with a budget—the quality materials used to make them attribute to their high prices.

Also, professional artisans craft these gorgeous pieces of furniture. The touch of a skilled hand comes with a price. But whatever the cost of a floor chair may be, it is worth every penny!

If you need to acquire a decent and durable floor chair, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Alternatively, you can budget for it. Kotatsu floor chair prices have many determinants. The chair’s design, size, if it’s an authentic Japanese furniture brand, and material used in its making constitute its price.

The good news is that not all Kotatsu chairs are expensive. Others, like the ones discussed above, come with a pocket-friendly price tag.

The above drawbacks shouldn’t make you have second thoughts about having your favorite Kotatsu floor chair.

Fortunately, there exists no recorded case of a Kotatsu floor chair causing fire or other dangerous happenings. If you own a floor chair, all you need is to take safety precautions. 

Here is a guide on how to keep safe with your floor chair

How to Take Caution with a Kotatsu Floor Chair

a) Repair Damages Immediately

Like any other piece of furniture, a damaged Kotatsu floor chair can be dangerous when broken or damaged.

When you spot any kind of damage, repair it immediately

Prolonged repairs may make the damage size increase, leading to increased time and expenses to have it fixed.

Any damage can be hazardous or dangerous. It can also render your floor chair useless. A broken frame of the chair may make you topple when sited on it. You may also get hurt by the sharp edges of the wooden frame.

If the fabric covering the pad breaks, dust, moisture, and other kinds of dirt may enter into the foam, damaging the entire cushion.

Are you looking forward to enjoying many years of services from your floor chair? Repair all damages as soon as they happen.

You also need to do an excellent job of fixing them. If you can have your floor chair repaired correctly, request the services of a professional. A quack may be cheap but will make you incur more costs in the long run.

b) Regular Maintenance

Do not wait until your Kotatsu floor chair is visibly dirty to clean it. Some dirt hides in places hard to see. You also cannot see some germs like bacteria with your naked eye. That is why it’s essential to clean your floor chair regularly.

When something spills or falls on the chair, have it cleaned immediately. Also, check your chair frequently for any damages. If any, have it fixed.

Frequent checkup helps the user identify a problem before occurring, saving you time and money.

Dirt and germs such as bacteria, molds, and mildew can’t form on your floor chair with regular cleaning. Your Kotatsu floor chair always stays intact and orderly with frequent checkups.

Such a chair lasts long and offers optimal results.

c) Go For Kotatsu Floor Chairs Made with Materials Resistant to Fire, Dirt, and Humidity

When buying a floor chair, it’s very crucial to choose one made with the right materials. Because of the chair’s nature and use, it is prone to dirt, stains, germs, dust, sweat, and spills from various sources.

It is wise to choose a chair that can resist all these. As a result, you will have an easy time cleaning and maintaining the chair.

You will also stay free from unhygienic conditions, pathogens, and other dirt that can affect your health. You also relax peacefully on your chair, knowing that it cannot catch fire from the table’s heating system.

d) Keep a Fire Prevention and Protection Kit

Prevention is better than cure. Having a kit with essentials for fire, accidents, and damage prevention is a wise decision.

fire extinguisher will prevent the spreading of fire when it occurs. A toolbox containing various repair tools will come in handy when fixing a problem. You will avoid the issue from accelerating, costing you much to repair.

e) Use the Services of an Expert

DIY home projects like repairing your floor chair can be fun and fulfilling. But they can also be a disaster when done incorrectly.

In case you need to fix your Kotatsu floor chair and have no clue, kindly do not guess. You may end up making it worse and incurring more costs. Consult a skilled artisan to sort you out.

f) Do Not Leave Kids and Pets Unattended

Children and pets are playful. If not controlled, they can damage your lovely floor chair.

Domesticated animals like cats and dogs can scratch the chair in their mischievous adventures. Kids may use sharp objects on the chair’s structure and pad, leaving it damaged and looking horrible.

When set around the Kotatsu, children or pets may slide under the table and interfere with the heating system. The heating system may blow, malfunction, or burn them. It could also start a fire which can destroy the entire house.

Kotatsu floor chairs are valuable pieces of furniture in a room. They enhance the room’s beauty and come with many uses. Details discussed in this article about floor chairs may prompt you to buy some for your living room.

For optimal results, you need to consider some factors.

The following tips will help you choose the right floor table for your Kotatsu.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kotatsu Floor Chair

a. Size of Your Kotatsu

It wouldn’t make sense to buy floor chairs bigger or smaller than your table. Oversized floor chairs wouldn’t fit around your table, while the small ones would make you strain when using the table.

Consider the size of your Kotatsu so that you can choose floor chairs ideal for that Kotatsu.

b. Quality

Some Kotatsu floor chairs come crafted using top-notch quality materials. As a result, they last for many years.

Such chairs come at a price, but the investment is worth it. Floor chairs with low-quality materials serve the user for a short time. You should check the kind of materials used in making the floor chair before buying it.

Ensure it’s robust and durable.

c. Design

Consider the style that pleases you. If you are the old-fashioned kind of person, go for floor chairs with ancient designs.

For the fashion freaks, the sleek trending designs will work out great.

Your room’s theme is another factor that contributes to the kind of floor chair you choose. If you want to improve or change your space’s theme, you can pick floor chairs of a different style but attractive.

d. Number of Users

The floor chairs in your home should accommodate everyone. If you have frequent visitors, consider adding extra chairs to avoid misplacing some family members when they visit.

If alone or have few in your home or workplace, it would be a waste of resources to buy many floor chairs.

e. Maintenance

Would you like a floor chair that catches dirt quickly and takes ages to become clean?

When buying a floor chair, consider the easy-to-clean and maintain feature. Look for chairs made with materials resistant to dust, stains, humidity, and other dirt. The floor chair should also have an easy-to-clean frame.

f. Price

When purchasing Kotatsu floor chairs, you should ask yourself the following questions;

  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I have such a budget?
  • Is the chair worth the amount?

If okay with the answers, go ahead and buy the chair.

It doesn’t mean that a floor chair is of poor quality if its price is low. It depends on the chair’s size, brand, and the materials used in its making. 

Expensive floor chairs come with extra features that improve their usability. If you have the money, it’s a wise decision to consider such chairs.

g. Availability

Manufacturers of Kotatsu floor chairs are all over Japan and other countries like the US. If you choose a chair whose seller is thousands of miles away, it may take time to reach you.

Other issues may crop up during delivery, such as mishandling and damage.

If you required using such a chair immediately, it might inconvenience you to ship it from far. It may take longer than expected due to unavoidable reasons like bad weather. In the process, it could get lost or stolen.

Go for a floor chair that you can easily reach and take home the same day. Consider those sold in the stores next to you.


As illustrated above, Kotatsu floor chairs are useful in our households and places of work. They come in different sizes and designs.

As explained above, the floor chairs’ prices vary due to the materials used in their making, brands, sizes, and designs.

Kotatsu floor chairs have got no legs. As a result, they become prone to all kinds of dirt and germs, as discussed above.

Therefore, it is essential to buy a floor chair that’s resistant to humidity, stains, dust, and other dirt. It would be best to consider the factors explained above before purchasing one for the best choice.