How to live a Japanese lifestyle in 2024 ?

Japanese lifestyle has always been popular due to their minimalistic way of living life, their work ethics, and cleanliness. But in 2018, everyone was in awe of the Japanese culture once again.

This was due to the behavior of the Japanese football team fans who after losing to Belgium started cleaning the stadium. It showed the world the real value of the Japanese and how as a community they are all for cleanliness and good behavior.

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There are several lessons we can learn from their culture and today we will talk about various virtues that could help anyone live a Japanese lifestyle.

Living an Orderly Life

In Japanese culture, the order must be observed while doing anything.

You won’t see anyone in Japan pushing others around whether they are in their shopping malls, transport, or any other public area.

Even if there are hundreds of thousands of Japanese at a place you would always see them in queues and respecting each other’s personal space.

If you have lived with a Japanese roommate you would have also experienced this virtue in the first place.


clean sorrounding

In Japan, you won’t see any kind of garbage on the roads or any undesignated area because they are known to have the best garbage disposal system.

It is due to their habit of sorting out the garbage properly and it is taught to them from an early age.

The Japanese know how to clean their homes, their streets, cities, and their country clean and there are elaborative documents telling everyone how to clean their surroundings properly.

They also maintain a simple, and minimalist home decor and do away with all the unnecessary fluff.

These documents are distributed and taught to the citizens by the government and this is why they cannot bear any kind of garbage at any place whether it is their neighborhood or any stadium they are visiting to support their team.

Seeking Harmony

There is a traditional concept of “Wa” in the Japanese culture that you can incorporate into your life.

“Wa” means harmony and it guides them to practice it in every matter of their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you watch their films or read their poetry you would find this concept everywhere.

Even the flower arrangements have the concept of harmony in them. They believe that harmony in the objects and organizations brings peace to the soul and the mind.

Taking Responsibility

Japanese Nurse helping patient

You can learn to be responsible from the Japanese because they are extremely responsible in their life and their workplace.

Everyone is assigned a specific task and everyone completes it properly without any kind of errors and that is why Japanese exports are everywhere in the world.

It is in their culture to communicate with each other regarding their tasks whether they are organizing something or are present at their workplace. It is a great system that you can use in your life and get different things organized.

Better communication and taking responsibility for different actions can increase your productivity in any kind of environment anywhere in the world.

Make Things Fun In Your Life

cultural toys

In Japan, you would see everyone having fun during the normal days as well. They don’t wait for a special day to celebrate because they know that having fun is as important as working every day.

You would see people in cosplays and colorful clothes on the roads and in the streets every day.

Young people also love to dance during the day but also make sure they are not causing problems for the others around them.


Politeness is in the veins of the Japanese culture and you would see the best table manners in this nation.

Their gestures, words, and how they address others are extremely polite and it is extremely popular in their culture.

They believe in putting themselves and putting others above them no matter who the other person is. You would see the Japanese shopkeepers welcoming the customers in their stores in a way that you won’t witness anywhere else in the world.

Celebrating Small Achievements

happy women chatting

In Japan, people celebrate in a big manner, and even small events are celebrated like festivals.

They distribute traditional sweets and come together to dance and enjoy the moment. They believe that no matter how complex the task is you can accomplish it in multiple small steps.

It means that even if you spend a few minutes learning a new thing every day one day you will become an expert in it. You only need to be consistent and you would be successful in it no matter what happens.

Seeing Beauty in Everything

According to Japanese philosophy, there is beauty in everything in the world. One such concept in their culture is known as the “art of Kintsugi” which is repairing the broken pieces with gold, silver, or platinum to make the ceramic even more beautiful.

They fill the cracks and make them more visible instead of hiding them or throwing the pieces away. We can learn from this concept that we need to celebrate our flaws instead of hiding them.

It is important to accept the mistakes you have made and you have to mend them because that is the only long-term solution for a happy life.


We have tried to talk about Japanese culture and find the virtues in their culture that would help us to live a Japanese lifestyle. If you follow all of these traditions you would be able to get closer to their way of living life.

Although it is a matter of personal preference, there are some some great things about the Japanese way of life and you can learn a lot from them.

You can become a better citizen, a better professional, and even a better partner if you can incorporate these virtues into your behavior and it is not difficult at all.

You just have to make sure that you are consistently trying to improve yourself one step at a time.