Are futons still popular? Bring out the beauties

Several decades have passed since Japanese futons arrived in the West. They remain popular in 2023 with college students, young professionals, and space-conscious families. 

This is because they are affordable, flexible, and versatile.

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You will find available futon frames and mattresses in various sizes, designs, and colors in stores like IKEA, Walmart, Wayfair, etc. Thus making them suitable for various décors.

Are futons still popular? Bring out the beauties 1

What is there not to love about futon? Imagine having to buy both a bed and a sofa for the price of one, plus the ease and comfort of moving your furniture from one spot to another.

Additionally, the futon’s dual-purpose design solves both seating and sleeping problems. This makes it perfect for small homes, apartments, or dorm rooms. They are even a great addition to living rooms.

But did you know that futons are no longer bought for their affordability and space-saving features?

In the early 2000s, futon sofa beds gained popularity in the West for their sleek design and the health benefits of quality sleep.

This high demand has brought to life innovations and updates to the futon. You can now find futons more expensive than traditional couches and bed frames with mattresses. 

Because of this, you can find authentic Japanese futons and furniture in the US to cater to the growing demand.

Advantages of having futons

With futons, you are no longer limited – you have options.

  • You can buy futon mattresses in various sizes and choose something that fits your needs and intended purpose.

  • Choose between an organic or more affordable mattress to offer a comfortable bed for family and friends needing a place to crash the night.

  • Numerous futon frames to choose from. You can go for metal and wood frames and everything in between.

  • Because of its removable slipcover, you can change the color, design, and fabric to make it fit right in with the room décor and other furniture.

  • You can effortlessly transform your home office into a comfortable guest room.

    All you have to do is unfold the futon you use as a daytime couch when guests stay overnight and turn it into a bed.
  • Futons are easy to maintain. Just dry the futon properly and keep it clean; you can use it for a long time.

When futons come to the rescue

There are many instances when futons could have saved you (if you only had one).

Here are some situations when futons come in handy:

  • When hosting parties and annual events.

    You never know when a guest might need a place to stay overnight, especially if they have difficulty traveling at night.

    With a futon mattress at home, you can create a comfortable guest room without making them sleep on your living room couch.

  • Use the playroom as a slumber hub when your kids’ friends come over to sleep over. Just throw in some cushion to make the slumber party more fun!

  • You live in a tight space and have a tighter budget to work with. Futons offer affordable furniture that serves as both a bed and a couch, and sometimes a dining area.

    Their versatility not only saves you money on furniture but also conserves valuable floor space when folded.

  • If you need to move frequently, a futon is a great option since it is light, convertible, and easier to move than a bed or a sleeper sofa

  • When your children visit during college breaks and you have already converted their rooms into something else. Having available futons may earn you some brownie points with your visiting kids.

Futon Market

In 2020, Gold Bond Mattress Co., an independent futon manufacturer, reported a 25% increase in futon sales since early April.

The rise in demand is due to several factors.

The pandemic forced colleges to switch to online learning and send students home.

This caused many young adults to move back in with their parents, a trend known as the “boomerang effect.” This increased demand for shared spaces and versatile products.

Robert Naboicheck, President of Gold Bond Mattress, noted, “Futons provide a solution, and our retail partners have seen increased sales.”

Cision PR Newswire forecasts the U.S. furniture market to reach $288.9 billion by 2026, with a 4.47% annual growth rate from 2022 to 2026, potentially impacting futon sales.

Furthermore, the market is expected to grow in the coming years due to an increase in housing units. 

There is also the growing millennial population, higher consumer spending on furniture, greater social media presence, and rapid urbanization.

My take on futon’s popularity

I believe futons will continue to be popular for years to come. This is because they offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for modern living.

Their versatility, easily shifting between comfortable seating and a cozy bed, makes them a practical choice.

I believe the trend of smaller living spaces is driving the popularity of futons. People value their flexibility as a way to maximize both comfort and functionality in their homes.